Distributed brands





Joanna Cosmetics Laboratory located in the capital city of Poland was established 30 years ago and now it is one of the biggest producers of cosmetics in Poland. The mission of the company is “to specialize in cosmetic products that fully meet customer needs for care, coloring and styling hair, characterized by high quality and reasonable price.”





Cleanic brand was created for women, who live now a faster and more active life and for this reason look for convenient and quick solutions guaranteeing the comfortable cleansing and care of the skin. Cleanic brand is one of the most recognised cosmetic brands in Poland. Cleanic’s offer includes delicate cotton pads, makeup removal wipes, high quality cosmetic buds, refreshing wet wipes for hands and intimate hygiene products: liquids and wipes.





Ola brand is a brand for women valuing good standard and safety of the products, who are looking for good products at reasonable price. The knowhow and experience of Harper Hygienics allowed to create the hygienic-cosmetic products guaranteeing the tenderness, safety and comfort of use. Ola brand range includes delicate cotton cosmetic pads and hygienic buds.




Presto clean

Presto Clean

Keeping home clean and tidy is time consuming effort. Presto Clean brand was created especially for active women. Presto Clean products save precious time and allow to have more free time for themselves and a family. Presto Clean wet wipes are the modern combination of a cloth with a cleaning detergent in a single product. Cleaning is easy, quick, does not require using additional liquids, emulsions or a bucket. The offer includes special variants of the wipes dedicated to specific surfaces: kitchen, bathroom, windows and mirrors, wooden furniture, anti-electrostatic and for leather furniture.





The producer of our Energy product is the Matsan Group company in Istambul – established in 1973. Today the company is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of its sector in Turkey. Our company distributes it’s Energy brand products – like shaving foams, gels and after shaves – and they are popular in the Hungarian market. The aim is to present these fast-consuming goods to end-consumers in the highest quality, in the utmost variety and in the most economic conditions.





Tron is a collapsible, disposable potty for children. It solves the problem of physiological needs of children in public places, when the toilet is not available or unhygienic, it can also be used when travelling in public means of transport, in nursery school, during outdoor events or when the child stays in hospital.





The company Makro K&K producer of Lestello brand has existed since 1992. Confection and production of cereal products are the main areas of the company activity. The products are available both in almost every region of the country and abroad. Only the best materials are used during the production believing that the customers’ satisfaction is the company’s success. The aim is to offer the customers a wide range of natural healthy food and consequently healthy way of life.