Other grains

Following the distributed products we submit we offer you natural healthy food and consequently healthy way of life. The consumption of these products is part of our healthy life style. Pearl barley groat contains a huge dose of niacin which has a positive effect on our skin. Roasted buckwheat contains valuable sugars and nutritious proteins. Its important ingredients – manganese, potassium and phosphosium – ensures the proper function of our bodies. Millet groats are easy to digest and glutein-free, so it is suitable for all suffering from gastrointestinal disorders.

  • lestello_ arpagyongy_dara
    Pearl barley groats – 4×100 g
  • lestello_porkolt_hajdina
    Buckwheat rosted groats – 4×100 g
  • lestello_Koles
    Millet groats – 4×100 g
  • lestello_kuszkusz_300g
    Couscous – 300 g