Puffed products

Under high pressure and with hot steam the process of puffing  makes the products ready for immediate consumption without additional chemicals.  This process significantly increases the volume of grain and gives it an attractive color and a pleasant aroma of roasted cereal.  During the process the puffed, expanded products retain a high nutritional value of grain.

  • lestello_rizstaller
    Puffed brown rice cake – 110 g
  • lestello_puffasztott_hajdina
    Puffed buckwheat – 60 g
  • lestello_puffasztott_koles
    Puffed millet – 100 g
  • lestello_puffasztott_zab
    Puffed oat – 220 g
  • lestello_puffasztott_buza
    Puffed wheat – 80 g