Our distributed rices are amongst the most populat types of rices in the world. White rice is one of the most digestible grain by the human body. Due to it’s mild flavour and short cooking time it is versatile in the kitchen. Parboiled rice is the result of a special thermo process. During the process under pressure and steam the valuable nutrientsin the shell penetrates into the grain so rice can retains the fibers and vitamins. Long grain brown rice or natural rice is rich in minerals, vitamins and fibers and it has a low glycemic index. Basmati rice is the noblest and the most expensive type of rice in the world. By experts it is called “the king of rice”.

  • lestello_hosszuszemu_feher_rizs_magyar
    Long grain white rice – 4×100 g
  • lestello_hosszu_szemu_elofozott_feher_rizs
    Long grain parboiled white rice – 4×100 g
  • lestello_hosszu_szemu_ barna_rizs
    Long grain brown rice – 4×100 g
  • lestello_hosszu_szemu_basmati_rizs
    Basmati rice – 4×100 g