Cleanic Pure Effect buds

Cleanic cotton buds – a wide range of products essential for everyday hygiene. Their pure cotton, optimally flexible sticks and high quality makes them convenient, yet gentle and safe to use.

  • cleanic_prof_kozmetikai_palca_200
    Cleanic professional cosmetic buds 200 pcs
  • cleanic_puds_100_ut
    Cleanic cotton buds 100 pcs in plastic bag
  • cleanic_fultisztito_puff_160db
    Cleanic cotton buds 160 pcs in plastic bag
    Cleanic Sensitive cotton buds 200 pcs – with aloe extract
  • cleanic_feultisztito_200db_kocka
    Cleanic cotton buds 200 pcs
  • cleanic_feultisztito_200+100db_kocka
    Cleanic cotton buds 200 pcs + 100 pcs gratis