Presto Clean cleaning wipes

Presto Clean wipes is an innovative 2 in 1 blend – a clothe with cleaning liquid in one product which makes cleaning faster, easier and more enjoyable, and do not require the use of liquids, lotions or buckets. Presto Clean wipes were originally designed for active women to save precious time. A wide range of products were designed to clean the whole house. The specially developed formula effectively cleans a variety of surfaces (wooden furniture, plastic furniture, kitchen, bathroom, windows and mirrors, leather furniture) while being safe for the skin, not requiring the use of protective gloves.

  • konyhai_torlokendo
    Presto Clean kitchen cleaning wipes72 pcs
  • furdoszobai_torlokendo
    Presto Clean bathroom cleaning wipes 72 pcs
  • antisztatikus_butorapolo_torlokendo
    Presto Clean furniture cleaning wipes – antistatic formula 72 pcs
  • butorapolo_torlokendo
    Presto Clean cleaning wipes for wooden furniture 72 pcs
  • ablaktisztito_torlokendo
    Presto Clean cleaning wipes for windows and mirrors 30 pcs
  • borapolo_torlokendok
    Presto Clean leather cleaning wipes 36 pcs