Hair care with argan oil

Cosmetics of ARGAN OIL series have been enriched with valuable argan oil – also known as liquid gold of Morocco. This oriental component effectively cares of hair and delicate scalp. This line is recommended especially for dry and damaged hair, requiring special care.

  • argan_sampon_200
    Argan oil shampoo 200 ml
  • argan_hajkondicionalo_200
    Argan oil hair conditioner 200 ml
  • argan_hajvegapolo_50
    Argan oil serum for hair endings 50 g
  • argan_maszk_150
    Argan oil hair mask 150 g
  • argan-oil_hajapolo_olaj_30
    Argan oil silky leave-in conditioner 30 ml
  • argan_ketfazisu_kondicionalo_150
    Argan oil two-phase conditioner 150 ml