Prebiotic line

The ultra-gentle products of prebiotic line without parabens, dyes, allergenes, silicones, SLS and SLES free has been developed for daily care for people prone to allergies. It’s  formula  is  enriched  with  
prebiotics,  which  ensure  microflora skin  balance.

  • prebiotikum_sampon
    Prebiotic line – shampoo 200 ml
  • prebiotikum_tusfurdo
    Prebiotic line – shower gel 200 ml
  • prebiotikum_folyekony_szappan
    Prebiotic line – liquid soap 200 ml
  • prebiotikum_intim_mosakodo
    Prebiotic line – feminine wash 200 ml
  • prebiotikum_testapolo
    Prebiotic line – body lotion 200 ml