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When we decided to enter the FMCG market in 2007 we exactly knew that it was not the industry where we could easily get everything. That made it so attractive for us… looking for the new, unknown things. And it hasn't changed since then.

Up to this day we have been searching for untapped areas and challenges in our daily job - and you can always find them in product distribution. If we can see a chance in anything we are to bring out the best in that. We have neven been attracted by easily reachable goals. Getting something for free never tempted us. Only for what we work hard – according to the best of our knowledge – is ours.

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What we do

As a domestic distributor we make cosmetic and food products of foreign producers available for Hungarian consumers. Our principle is to distribute carefully selected products with good price-to-value ratio and quality which we would happily buy from the shelves ourselves.

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Tel.: +36-46/784-960
E-mail: info@bedrock.hu
Office, warehouse:
3527 Miskolc, Sajószigeti út 2/A, D/2

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