What we do

The Hungarian-owned Bedrock Ltd. has gained professional experience during many years spent in trade to offer well-developed strategic solutions allowing products to bewidely available in commercial market in our country.

If you have a product that you want to make available to Hungarian consumers, we undertake all phases of the product’s management. Whether it's strategic planning, storage up to the multinational supermarket chains, smaller or larger national store networks, wholesalers and drugstores get to shelves as well as marketing activities carried out in parallel.


Beszállítót keres?


We know well, that brand management is the key of success. It is a complex process that means not only commitment and consistency, it is equally important to know the potential market and the consumer needs, too. Our company uses the following steps:

  • Estimating the situation: many years of experience enables us to properly evaluate potential opportunities for brands and to carry out ideas that make the brand to be a market leader using its strengths.
  • Brand introduction: what is needed for a brand’ successful market introduction? First of all, we should determine strategy, proceeding, elements of marketing, which are consistent with goals of company and goals of brand.
  • Advertising and promotion: The next phase of brand management is to choose the right communication channel. Promotions help potential buyers to purchase the products.
  • Monitoring, control and evaluation: In this section our aim is to evaluate those activities that play an important role in the optimization of marketing budget.

In addition we believe and confess that besides high level expertise maximum trust is also an indispensable condition of a partnership which is mutually beneficial to both sides.

  • Our team consists of highly trained professionals with many years of experience who are all dedicated to their job
  • High-quality marketing strategy and brand management characterize the distribute products in the domestic distribution market
  • Through our excellent partnership relations, it is not a problem for us to launch products successfully in a short time
  • Our well-developed system and work processes make every day work fast and effective.

Our policy is to be dedicated to continous development that makes it possible to increase our success by the participation of new partners and by reaching new common aims.

Kindly contact us with your emerging inquiries!