About us

When we decided to enter the FMCG market in 2007 we exactly knew that it was not the industry where we could easily get everything. That made it so attractive for us… looking for the new, unknown things. And it hasn’t changed since then.

Up to this day we have been searching for untapped areas and challenges in our daily job – and you can always find them in product distribution. If we can see a chance in anything we are to bring out the best in that. We have neven been attracted by easily reachable goals. Getting something for free never tempted us. Only for what we work hard – according to the best of our knowledge – is ours.

The two of us established this company and we have been operating it since the first days. We are cousins with the same values, we came from the same town, learnt in the same schools. We understand each other from half words, we can read each other’s mind – that’s why we can work together so efficiently, that makes the management so productive and well-functioning. We are heading in the same direction while we amend each other.


Tibor Tolcsvai and András Kövér managers


The dinamic development of our company is pushed by our total team’s sense of purpose. Although we learnt a lot of things about trade in the past few years, we know that we have to improve our company and ourselves constantly. We try to be better and better day by day, to give more to our partners. We are always looking for such business solutions that help us to offer more efficient services in distribution.

Trade is a stirring domain full of challenge but we are vitalized by that power. To be honest we like sales. We like shaking our partners’ hands after a successful deal. We like soaring sales graphs and we like making products prosperous and giving the most preferable offers to our customers. Lot of people consider sales as necessary bad. We do think that it is an interesting and grateful thing that keeps the world in motion.

Our team

Tolcsvai Tibor

Tibor Tolcsvai
Manager, owner


Kövér András

András Kövér
Manager, owner


Aranyos Csilla

Csilla Aranyos
Key Account Manager

Kiss Bernadett

Bernadett Kiss
Sales Representative


Józsa Kitti

Kitti Józsa


Gilányi Noémi

Noémi Gilányi
Junior Brand Manager



Réka Gogolya
Billing Coordinator



Fehér Gábor

Gábor Fehér

Horváth Tamás

Tamás Horváth