Naturia Organic hair dye

Joanna Cosmetic Laboratory, together with American scientists, has developed a unique technology of mixing dyes and active ingredients in order to protect hair and scalp. Naturia Organic hair dyes are dedicated to people with allergic, sensitive skin who are looking for the non-irritating products of mild formulas. Naturia Organic do not contain high irritants like ammonia, parabens, silicones and PPD. It makes your hair more moisturized, nourished and exceptionally glossy. The fomula is enriched with argan oil which protects your hair and scalp during the color treatment.

  • naturia_organic_310_sloneczny
    Naturia Organic 310 – sunny
  • naturia_organic_311_platynowy
    Naturia Organic 311 – platinum
  • naturia_organic_312_naturalny
    Naturia Organic 312 – natural
  • naturia_organic_321_kasztanowy
    Naturia Organic 321 – chestnut
  • naturia_organic_332_wisniowy
    Naturia Organic 332 – cherry
  • naturia_organic_333_baklazanowy
    Naturia Organic 333 – eggplant
  • naturia_organic_340_herbaciany
    Naturia Organic 340 – tea
  • naturia_organic_341_czekoladowy
    Naturia Organic 341 – chocolate
  • naturia_organic_342_kawowy
    Naturia Organic 342 – coffee
  • naturia_organic_350_hebanowy
    Naturia Organic 350 – ebony